Corps Ministry Assistant

To be of service to all guests and callers of The Salvation Army Peekskill, New York Corps. To provide a friendly and helpful environment in the office and to the general public. To monitor all guests and volunteers entering and leaving the building, to conduct an evangelical ministry with the specific purpose of introducing all guests and clients to Jesus Christ. To Lead and supervise the various corps programs. To invest in the lives of children, teens and adults, developing and maintaining relational ministry opportunities
Conduct an ongoing and aggressive evangelical ministry with the specific purpose of introducing all men, women and children to Jesus Christ
Make the most of every opportunity to minister, pray, and present the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in your sphere of influence
Enhance the environment and ministry opportunities, so that all can grow and mature in their faith and grow in holiness
Lead and Supervise weekly Homework Club activities and corps youth programs (see monthly calendar)
Conduct visitation to parents and families of Homework Club and corps children and teens.
Be available to chaperone for divisional events, such as Youth Councils.
Be present at divisional events such as FET/SET's, Star Search, United Meetings etc.
Help with all Seasonal Activities in the corps including Thanksgiving Feeding and Kettle work.
To assist Corps Officers with Sunday services program preparation, event planning, correspondence, phone calls, deposits, money counting, etc.
Help with meal/snack preparation, set-up, and clean-up
Assist the Corps Officers with other tasks and assignments as given, as part of the Corps Ministry Team
Confidentiality is essential for this position. Breaching said confidentiality will result in immediate termination of service without further warning
You must perform your duties in compliance with The Salvation Army policies and regulations.
It is understood that as a non-ordained ministry position, that any communications made in confidence to you as a Corps Ministries Assistant are not considered "privileged" under the law. It may be necessary that information given in confidence would be required to be shared in legal proceedings. Therefore, this fact should be shared with those who share information in confidence with you.
It should be noted that the above duties are essential functions of the position, but other duties necessary to the overall enhancement of Salvation Army services may be required.
Experience with children, youth and adult ministry
Computer Skills ? Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes
Commitment to evangelical Christian outreach
Commitment to participation in continued learning/training programs in Biblical, theological, and ministry applications
Commitment to the mission of The Salvation Army

Don't Be Fooled

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